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Welcome to Dead Drop Audio...

...a studio / agency hybrid that focuses on combining creative audio production with strategic consulting.

Sounds fancy, eh? Ok, let's skip the Generic Studio Marketing 101 Landingpage Copy© and cut to the chase, shall we?

tl;dr: Who I am and how I can help with your audio related project! tl;dr: References
About me.

My name is Fabian and I officially founded Dead Drop Audio in early 2020.

By day I work as an IT-Consultant and Business Analyst.

By night I'm obsessed with writing/producing/mixing my own and other peoples' music.

Dead Drop Audio is the platform on which I'm offering my combined knowledge of the last decade in audio production, IT consulting and marketing strategy.

I'll spare you further CV bs. But hey! Add me on Xing or LinkedIn!


I spent most of my youth and mid-twenties as a guitar and bass player in live bands - reaching from jazz to grindcore.

No matter what genre: music is all about energy and an experience.

My goal with Dead Drop Audio is not to instrumentalize music but to enable people to channel their vision in an auditive way - whether you're a musician in your bedroom, a filmmaker or working in a corporate setting.

I do this by offering...

  • mobile recording of VO, single artists or small band ensembles in various genres
  • composition and co-/ ghost writing for artists, film and corporate
  • "in the box" mixing in Cubase 12 Pro or Ableton Live 11 with state-of-the-art plugins

Samples of my work with clients.

Happy Valley - Triptych
Post Hardcore

death was a mistake - there are gardens in the abyss
(M / M)

Lemon Kick - Wishing Well
Shoegazy Indie
(P / M / M)

death was a mistake - nollendorfplatz
Ambient Synthwave
(P / M / M)

Umbral Ash - Towers/Umbral Ash Split
Noisecore / Experimental
(P / M / M on Track 2&3)

Happy Valley - Achilles
Post Hardcore

Samples of my own work.

DÆGUN - Cycles
Cinematic EDM
(C / P / M / M)

LoFi Beat Composition/ Production Demo
(C / P / M / M)

Cinematic Composition/ Production Demo
(C / P / M / M)

Commercial Composition/ Production Demo
(C / P / M / M)

"German Industrial Sound" Demo

Hywn - Rebirth in Death
(C / P / M / M)

Dead Drop - APENA
(C / P / M / M)

Todesnot - Malaise
Grindcore/ Powerviolence
(E / M / M)


Contact me via Facebook or shoot me an email at info@deaddropaudio.com!